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Fixing Bugs Again

I started working on Open Source Projects again and I had a difficult time getting started again. A big part of my problem was not having enough storage on my computer. After moving some things around and deleting files and programs I don't use, I was able to clone a couple projects and I was finally ready to start running them and replicating the issues. 

This time around, I worked on three projects; Thimble, Brackets, and Balrog. The bugs that I fixed for Thimble turned out to be fixes on Brackets so the pull requests were made there but referenced from Thimble. Overall, getting started was much easier than last time because I already had the experience and possibly the necessary files on my system to begin.

After being assigned a couple bugs, I began to work on them and I have made a couple pull request for the fixes. They have passed all tests and I am just waiting on it to be accepted and merged into the actual project! That is my goal. I will need to follow up if anything goes wrong and I will update my blog with more updates. 

Everyone I've worked with so far is very helpful and nice and welcoming. Balrog had a nice IRC where I joined and was immediately greeted by a couple people. A lot of the conversations I had was there and they directed me and helped me fix the bug. This time around I tried to not ask but when I got stuck, I did end up asking for help. Very helpful people and I really enjoy conversing with the Balrog team.

For Thimble, my teacher was one of the hotshots in the project so he was the one directing me and helping me along the way. For the most part, I was able to figure out what was wrong and fix it. All my pull requests passed the automated tests and they are waiting on being reviewed. It seems like the project owners are on Christmas break or vacation or something so it doesn't look like I'll be getting merged anytime soon. The project did look inactive at the time but who knows, I will definitely have an update when things change.

This time around, I was already familiar with Github because I've had a lot of experience in the past couple months. I had no problems with forking, cloning, committing, and merging.

I had a fun time working on bugs and I'm going to try to work on some more before the new year to gain even more experience. I  am also looking forward to taking the next Open Source Development class next year at my school so I can continue to learn and contribute to Open Source.


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