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Atom, My New Code Editor

Recently I started looking into a couple code editors for school. There were two that caught my attention; Atom and Visual Studio Code. After playing around with both of them, I decided to stick with one. Overall, they do similar things, but my decision is solely based on my bias. I personally am not a fan of Microsoft's software so I was not motivated to experiment with Visual Studio Code.
Atom is a free to use code editor and can be downloaded at The interface by default is dark, and it looks really nice in my opinion, but it can easily be changed by going into Settings>Themes
It is really easy to customize it to how you want it to look. There are many things that can be changed, one controversial one being the spacing between tabs.
It is really easy to get started with Atom. As soon as you start the program, you are greeted with a welcome page and we can easily start to edit anything we've been working on.

The best part about Atom is that it has extra packages that can be installed. These packages let's the user customize their experience to their specific needs. I personally have worked a lot on C++ and there are many packages on Atom that makes programming in C++ so much better. I come from a basic editor called TextWrangler so I am not used to being spoiled with autocompletion. It is amazing how powerful this tool is. It knows what classes are available to use, even though I just created them myself. It's just amazing.

Atom is just customizable in every aspect. There are packages that give beautiful themes, preset settings for the editor, etc... There are so many customizations and combinations of things a user can do with Atom.

To top it all off, it even has spell check for the English language, this allows the programmer to document their code with minimal spelling mistakes.

Overall, Atom is one of the best code editors I've seen. It is really lightweight, it looks beautiful, and it is very simple to use. I am glad that I have been introduced to this editor and I look forward to using it for my future projects.


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