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My Journey of Fixing Bugs...Again

Last week, I left comments asking to be assigned to bugs in Thimble. I was excited to get started but I was informed that the bugs were already taken. And the worst part is that the person who was assigned is a fellow class member. I didn't know if I should be disappointed or happy for him.

Anyways, as soon as I found out that none of my bugs were going to be assigned to me, I started commenting on other projects like Balrog, and I managed to land three bugs! Two in Balrog and one in network-pulse-api. I want to work on Balrog first.

At first I was having a lot of trouble trying to build the Balrog project. I was running into errors and I kept figuring out how to fix them and I just couldn't get passed one. I was searching for days, i was just staring and not getting anywhere at one point. Finally, I decided to ask my teacher for help and he simply said, talk on IRC.

I was a little skeptical but I did what he said and I was greeted and helped within minutes. The guy helping me didn't know what the problem was but he said to send him an "ls-a" of my current directory. He asked me how I cloned the project.

It turns out cloning the project by downloading a zip file from the github website doesn't cut it. Apparently I don't get a .git file like this. I actually needed to use the git terminal command to clone the project. And sure enough, it worked!

I can finally start working on the bugs that I've been assigned! I am motivated to learn how to work in the open source environment.