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Swift 4

There are a lot of languages out there to choose from when it comes to programming. Some are similar to each other and some are different from each other. Some are designed for a single purpose and some are designed for multiple purposes.

A general programming language that was built to account for modern safety, performance, and software design patterns which is safe, fast, and expressive is a language called Swift.

Swift is currently in it's fourth stage and the project became open source on Github in early December 2015. It is written with the languages; C++, Python, and Objective-C. It is associated with it's very well designed and detailed website called

Swift is used to create a good language for uses ranging from mobile to desktop to cloud services programming. For the most part, this language is being used by developers to develop applications for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Although it is open source, Apple has not allowed the Github community to work on or view issues. They want to keep the issues internal in the company, but they do replicate the commits when issues are resolved. That means that the community stays up to date with the current state of the project at all times. There are currently 505 contributors to the Swift4 project, which is for the most part actual internal Apple employees.


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