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My Journey of Fixing Bugs

Fixing bugs in the open source world is completely new to me. It's something I've never done before and it is something that I am really looking forward to. Being able to say that I've contributed to so and so sounds very fulfilling. I am ready to start working on bugs.

To start off, I picked three bugs and I left a comment asking to be assigned if no one else is assigned. So now I have to play the waiting game. I will be doing research on the bugs so I can be prepared for when/if I do get it assigned.

I chose two bugs from Thimble and one bug from Firefox(Android OS). The android one seems simple, and can be found here. I'm not really interested in this one but I'm using it as a backup to my backup. It seems to be just cleaning up and renaming. Which I think I can manage.

The runner up to that bug is a bug from Thimble which can be found here. This bug is a feature request that I think I am capable of fulfilling. It is to add line numbers to the console output. I am interested in this one because it is a project I've never used and it seems to be really useful for me in the future.

The one I'm most excited for though is found here. This one is also on Thimble. It is like a feature request/bug. Pretty much, I'd have to figure out how to change the description of a project without actually publishing it. Seems challenging but I'm ready for it.

I'm nervous because this is my first time and it seems very overwhelming, but I have the support from my teacher and I have all my classmates and the rest of the web that I can turn to. I'm hoping to learn how to work on bugs, learn things in a short amount of time, adjust and adapt to new environments and just things like that in general.

Open source is a huge part in today's tech society and I am really looking forward to be part of it and be involved in it. I hope I can make a lot of changes in the time to come.


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